Wednesday, December 7, 2011

OK... Last night WAS cold...

Freezing, as a matter of fact. When I woke up there was frost on the windows.
Went ok, but yeah, THAT was cold...
Went to Home D to see if I can get a portable heater... at $90 a unit... a canister costing $4... and each canister only lasting 5 hours on a low setting... kind of put me off, to be honest...
Made me think twice... how much will I be using this again?
Reminds me of the fan I bought. Now, it's just lying around unused. Was only able to use it maybe 4 times.

Well, for now, I am going with more layers...
time to bust out the 3rd blanket. :)
the only time it's gonna be chilly is when I dress up. :)
Well, gotta dress up fast, is all.



    We've used these on camping trips before. They don't cost much and you can keep a few on hand for cold nights.

  2. Thanks! I also calculated that at $4 a pop for just 3 hours of heat, you can just turn on the engine and the car heater for less time... and the fuel while idling won't amount to a gallon ($3.00/gallon), in my estimation... Just a theory, though. I can put that into practice tonight. :)

  3. Was it 4 hours. Sorry, then it was something else we used to use on camping trips that lasted 8 hours. Now this is gonna make me crazy trying to figure it out.